About Mia

Meredith (Mia) A. Borden


Mia grew up outside of Boston where she developed a fondness for being outside in cold weather and eating ice cream. She discovered her passion for chemistry while pursuing her BA from Carleton College in Minnesota. After college, Mia completed her PhD research in the group of Abby Doyle at Princeton where she worked on developing new methods for using Nickel to control stereochemistry when making carbon–carbon bonds. Mia did her postdoctoral research with Frank Leibfarth at UNC Chapel Hill where she investigated new ways to make polymers and how to alter their properties.

Mia is elated to be joining the faculty at Trinity University to teach organic chemistry and pursue research at the interface of polymer and organic chemistry. She is eager to explore the San Antonio area and optimistic about her capacity to survive the warm weather, but check back soon to see how it is going.