The Borden Group

Department of Chemistry, Trinity University

catalyzing the synthesis of novel sustainable polymers with light


April  2023

"Modifying Poly(caprolactone) Degradation through C–H Functionalization" is out in Macromolecules. Hurray!!!

February 2023

Check out Mia's ACS Catalysis Perspective on "Asymmetric Ion-Pairing in Stereoselective Vinyl Polymerization"! Thanks to Cole and Caleb to being incredible collaborators.

January  2023

I am really excited to share that I will be starting my independent career at Trinity University in August 2023. Stay tuned for updates about new students and getting the chemistry going!

September 13 2022 

Check out our new preprint "Modifying Poly(caprolactone) degradation through C–H Functionalization"! Working on this project with Victoria was such a joy. Thank you to all of our collaborators who helped to make this work possible. So excited to have this work out in the world.

August 20 2022 

Arrived at ACS Chicago and excited for a week for inspiring chemistry. I will be sharing my work at the PMSE Future Faculty Symposium on Sunday.

July 31 2022 

Had a wonderful time at the ACS Postdoc to Faculty Workshop in Portland! Thank you to all of the faculty who generously gave their time to help us prepare for starting academic positions. Good luck to all of my fellow postdocs in their faculty searches this fall!

July 29 2022 

Sad to be saying good bye to my WinSPIRE student Isabelle. She did an outstanding job studying how different monomers impact the materials' properties in 3D printed parts.

June 27 2022 

So excited to be a mentor for the WinSPIRE program this summer. I am co-mentoring with Victoria Barber, an amazing rising 4th year grad student in the Leibfarth. Our mentee Isabelle is going to be investigating new monomers for 3D printing!

June 24 2022 

Another year, another amazing time attending and presenting at EWOC! So great to have a space for women-identified chemists and allies to share science and support.

June 21-23 2022 

I had an amazing time attending the Future Faculty Workshop at the University of Delaware. Thank you so much to the organizers, the mentors, and my fellow mentees for engaging in such authentic conversations!

June 13-16 2022 

Attended the Bordeaux Polymer Conference and shared my postdoctoral research! It was amazing to meet so many incredible polymer chemists from all other the world. Thank you to the organizers for the opportunity.

May 26-27 2022 

I attended the University of Chicago Future Faculty Conference and shared my graudate research. Thank you so much to the other participants, the panelists, and organizers! It was a wonderful event!